Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Group Nitwit Award Goes Out To Hypocrites! Yeah!

Every "Republichek Party" member in the Congress voted against President Obama's stimulus plan, yet there are those representatives that have gone back to their home district cutting ribbons and taking credit for stimulus projects they sent home.

Wow! The GOPathetic Party are so full of hypocrisy that they reek of the foul stench.

To call out three of my favorite hypocrites are Representative Mike Castle-Republican-DE; Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer-Republican-MD; and Representative Geoff Davis-Republican-KY.

All three had said publicly that the stimulus had failed, or was a "large-scale failure", yet praised the stimulus funding when it arrived home.

In Davis' case, he received $1.044 million for the Carroll County School System and took credit for it!!

Thanks guys for being my Nitwits of the week! You all deserve it.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Nitwit Senator Joe-The Hoe-Lieberman

It wasn't too difficult to figure out who deserves the Nitwit Award this time around. It MUST be Joe-The Hoe-Lieberman. This the liar who sold out working Americans from receiving a public option or a buy-in to Medicare. He is no Democrat but a neo-con jerkdecrat.

He has received $2.1 million from the health care industry. He has raised about $49 million overall, including millions from financial firms, lawyers, real estate interests and pro-Israeli groups. Among Lieberman's biggest lifetime contributors is indeed the Harford-based Aetna insurance company, which has contributed $112, 618 through political action committees and individuals. The Travelers Companies, also based in Harford, has contributed $72,119. Purdue Pharma, a Stamford pharaceutical company, contributed $150, 100 to him through individuals and PACs, making it the senator's fourth-largest single contributor. Only United Technologies, Citigroup and Lehman Brothers contributed more.

Also, Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc, contributed $85,000 through individuals and PACs. Lieber-hoe found checks made out to him by Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Anthem, CIGNA, Health Net, and United Health.

The Center for Public Integrity reported that Joe had hoed legislation that benefited Pfizer Inc.

So, Joe Lieberman, you are elected to be Nitwit of the Year!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nitwit CONgressman Joey "Jockstrap" Wilson

During President Obama's speech to the joint Congressional Assembly on 9-9-09 about health care reform, Nitwit Joey Wilson called the president a liar. Keith Olbermann called Joey Wilson, Wrongway Wilson. Wrongway yelled out to President Obama, "You Lie" when the president stated that the discussed health care reform bill currently in the Congress would not allow for illegal immigrants to be able to buy into the "insurance exchange" plan.

Unfortunately, "Jockstrap" Wilson was wrong. Nowhere in the bill does it say what Wilson imagined. Obviously he never read it, or he was taking his marching orders to disrupt the Joint Session of Congress, no matter what the consequences would be, from the Reichstag Republican leadership bosses. Not only was he wrong, but he called out this president from the his assigned seat showing how stupid he really was. Wrongway Wilson NEVER called out his liar BushBoy president for all the lies surrounding the rush to war in Iraq and for all the fake reasons why we were there.

This South Carolina Republican fool only gave an apology to the president because his political mommy-the Repugni-con leadership told him to. He basically said, "They made be say I'm sowrree, Mista Pwesadent!"

Another fool, Representative Eric Cantor, a Re-CON from Virginia, believes that the Obama health care plan is a government takeover of the the health care industry. HUH?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nitwit John Bolton

Neo-fascist John "the executioner" Bolton made it into the news today when he came out and basically said that the two American women held in the North Korean gulag for the last 5 months should have stayed there. He pontificated that the way to handle it was to hand off the negotiations to the Chinese government.

He bloviated that it was a mistake to have former President Clinton, acting as a "civilian", go to North Korea and meet directly with Kim Jong II. The only "payment" given was for Mr. Clinton to attend photo shoots with Kim Jong II and attend state dinners. Bonehead Bolton felt these exchanges were wrong. The women: Laura Ling and Euna Lee, should have stayed in prison.

We, therefore, must assume that the most incompetent and Brain-dead Bolton would keep his own mother in a gulag for his neo-fascist beliefs. He quietly railed that this negotiation sets an Obama precedence to have envoys meet with our enemies when the lives of American hostages are at stake. He objects to such discussions.

He mentioned the 3 American hikers who were arrested, on charges of spying, by the Iranian military for illegally entering the country might give the Iranian government the idea that a negotiated dialogue might occur when attempting to obtain the release of such prisoners.

Blowzy Bolton must subscribe to the Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran foreign policy. wrote this award.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nitwit Missouri State Representative Cynthia Davis

A Nitwit Award goes out to Missouri State Representative Cynthia Davis for opposing subsidized school lunches for low income children during the summer months. She stated that "hunger can be a positive motivator", encouraging the kids to experience hunger instead of receiving a subsidized school lunch.

Where do these people come from? Oh. I forgot, the Republican Party!!

Here is her Facebook page.

I think she might want to practice some of her own Hunger Challenge methodologies!

From ShortsandPants.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nitwit Susan Collins-Maine Republican Rep.

Republican Representative from Maine, Susan Collins was bragging that she and her fellow Republican Nitwits pulled financial support from the stimulus package that would have gone for pandemic (flu) funding amounting to $870M. Do we really need such morons in government? What is wrong with those voters in Maine?

Group Nitwit Award

The FAA gave the military a photo op go-ahead to fly fighter planes trailing a large 747 presidential executive fleet plane around the Statue of Liberty for publicity pictures without telling the public. Many New Yorkers freaked and emptied skyscrapers around the area in fear. These FAA and military officials are the worst type of nitwits!! Congratulations you public employees for being stupid.